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Application to US University.
What is the SAT and what scores are needed?.

Application to American University

Acceptance to Universities is usually after a satisfactory SAT score. The SAT are tests that are sat around the world and are designed to test the potential of the student. High scores on the Scholastic Achievement Tests (SAT I and II's) are the important in being admitted to top American universities. The standard goes up each year. Currently it is around 700 (out of a possible 800).

The SAT exam

The SAT I exam lasts three hours. Each SAT II subject exam lasts 1 hour. Students are expected to do the SAT I and a minimum of 3 SAT II's but the more they do, with a high score, the better.

The nomal procedure is to do the first SAT I exam in May or June of the Junior year. Then, if necessary to improve that score, resit the exam in October of the Senior year. The SAT II's should be done at the November and December sittings of the Senior year, with a possible resit to improve scores in January. Most U.S. universities make their student selections in Feburary and March, so that taking exams after January may be too late.

However, if a score is disappointing on the SAT I, it may be compensated for by good scores on the SAT II exam or by the student possessing outstanding abilities in athletics, art, music and drama.


Students in their Junior year should also actively prepare for the Preliminary Scholastic Achievement (PSAT) examination.

While not required for university admission, students with U.S. citizenship who do well on this exam are eligible for one of over 7000 National Merit scholarships provided they do equally well on the SAT I exam.

Foreign students are not eligible for National Merit Scholarship awards but are frequently privately contated by universities who look at the PSAT results and invited to apply for admission and scholarships.

The PSAT exam is therefore particularly valuable for students who might not otherwise be able to afford an American university, but they must have practice on these exams before hand to achieve their potential.

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