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American International School in Vienna

Salmannsdorfer Strasse 47, 1190, Vienna, Austria
Tel: (+43) 1 40132-0
Fax: (+43) 1 40132-5

School Summary
Founded 1959
720 Students aged 4 - 18
IB, Matura Program,
US High School Diploma

American International School (AIS) Vienna is a international school with an American style education. The AIS campus is adjacent to the Vienna Woods, overlooking the city of Vienna and the vineyards of Neustift am Walde.
The American International School, Vienna (AIS) was founded in 1959 by the Embassies of the United States and Canada. Enrollment at this time was 234 students from 17 nationalities. American International School (AIS) now has 720 students from more than 60 countries. In 1964 the school moved to the site on Salmannsdorfer Straße 47, where it still is now.

The American International School, Vienna(AIS) Elementary School offers a strong academic program, aimed at allowing each child to reach his or her full potential. The language arts program promotes and develops strong oral and written English communication skills while also reinforcing effective reading skills. Mathematics is based on the University of Chigago math Program K - 12, providing excellent linkage from one grade level to the next. Our Social Studies and Science programs are separate, but also integrated with our language arts program. In each of these areas themes and topics are selected to facilitate learning. English as a Second Language (ESL) allows non-English speaking students to develop full fluency. A comprehensive German program is provided for all students. Art, usic, Computer Studies, Physical Education and Library round out the curriculum.
The American International School, Vienna (AIS) Middle School curriculum has become individualized and is wide-raning. Priority is given to building a foundation for a lifetime of independent and self-reliant learning. Skill-building is empahsized and reading and writing are priorities in most areas of academic study. In mathematics, students begin with concrete computational work and eveleop the abstract thinking and problem solving skills needed for pre-alegbra and algebra. Hands-on learning is especially emphasised in the sciences. All students are exposed to fine and performing arts, as well as computer skills and Physical Education. German and French language instruction are important features of the MS curriculum as is English as a Second language (ESL).
The American International School, Vienna(AIS) High School curriculum offers a well-rounded education in English, Math, Sciences, Physical Education, German, French, Spanish, History, Social Studies, Fine Arts, English as a Second Language (ESL) etc. High School students choose from a great range of courses designed to challenge them at various interest and ability levels. Almost all of the graduating seniors from the High School continue their formal studies at universities and colleges throughout the world.
Ninth through twelfth graders prepare academically for the International Baccalaureat, US High School Diploma, or the Austrian Matura Program, or for individual IB Certificates.

Our staff (administration, faculty, support staff)come from more than 28 different countries. All teachers have teaching certificates and many years of experience in education. All hold bachelor's degrees or equivalents, and many have earned advanced degrees from universiteis worldwide. All of our teachers take a deeply personal interest in their students, and many have taught at AIS for more than a decade.

School year from 25. August 2004 until 16. June 2005, 177 days. School day from 8:20 until 15:15

Our 15 acre campus includes a tournament sized soccerfield with an artificial grass surface and floodlights, a high and long jump pitch, a 60 meter sprint track, three indoor gyms, three indoor tennis courts and one outdoor court, a completely renovated ES playground, an amphitheater, a new science wing with six labs, more than 60 classrooms in seven adjoining buldings, two libraries, a cafeteria,, art and music sutdios, a band room, and a theater.

The American International School offers a university preparatory education in the American Day School style for children of all nationalities from pre-kindergarten through high school. We provide a culture of ecudational excellence, a nurturing environment, and an atmosphere of open communication. We inspire our youth to discover their highest potential in diverse areas of endeavour. We foster personal integrity and democratic values and aim to prepare our students to become resonsible, globally-consciuous citizens.

Education in Austria.
by Dr Hetzer of St. Gilgen International School.

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