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British Columbia Canadian International School

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school profile
Founded 2005
90 students, aged 3 - 15
Canadian Diploma
40 staff

British Columbia is Canada s best education program:
International educational leaders are using BC best practices
to improve learning in American and British schools.
Canada assigns responsibility for education to individual provinces.
British Columbia is Canada s most westerly province and borders
the Pacific Ocean. British Columbia s education programs are
designed and controlled by the BC Ministry of Education.
The British Columbia Ministry of Education s vision of a high quality education system places student achievement at the centre of all decision making.
British Columbia is a leader in Offshore School Certification. 
Annual inspection guarantees our high standards are maintained.
BCCIS graduates receive the Dogwood Diploma graduation certificate,
accepted by universities worldwide and
recognized as confirmation of a superior education.
For more information about the British Columbia Ministry of Education, go to
BCCIS offers:
preschool through graduation
complete British Columbia   Canadian curriculum
BC approved textbooks for each student
Arabic & Religion programs that meet Egyptian Education Ministry requirements
after-school activities including, sports, music, arts & crafts, and games 
BCCIS language of instruction is English
Arabic language program begins in Grade 1
French second language program begins in Grade 5 
British Columbia is Canada s best education program.
The British Columbia education system embraces the following principles of learning:
Learning requires the active participation of the student.
People learn in a variety of ways and at different rates.
Learning is both an individual and a group process. 
Students at BCCIS are taught the British Columbia curriculum, divided into the following subject areas and covered at all grade levels:
English Language Arts
Fine Arts
Core French (Grades 5-8)
Personal Planning
Physical Education
Social Studies 
For additional information and specific learning outcomes, please view the Integrated Resource Package (IRP) for each subject, available at
Dogwood Diploma: British Columbia s graduation certificate
 Be Proud of the Education You Give Your Children.
The BCCIS curriculum leads to graduation with a British Columbia Dogwood Diploma (graduation certificate). 
The Egyptian Ministry of Education recognizes the British Columbia Dogwood Diploma as equivalent to the Thannaweia Amma.
The BC Dogwood is recognized as confirmation of a superior education and is accepted by universities worldwide. 
The British Columbia Dogwood graduation certificate allows students to enter highly competitive universities and colleges in Egypt, Canada, United States, Europe, and elsewhere worldwide.
For more information on British Columbia s graduation program, go to 
BCCIS faculty and professional staff are highly qualified.
All BCCIS teachers hold advanced university degrees.
Classroom teachers are all certified by the British Columbia College of Teachers, as per BC Ministry of Education requirements. Go to   or   for more information about British Columbia teacher qualifications.
Teacher certification is reviewed annually to ensure our high standards and expectations are maintained. 
BCCIS Preschool teachers are trained in early childhood education and work hard to ensure young students are ready for entry into Kindergarten. Our Preschool program emphasizes language development and social responsibility while instilling a love of learning in students. 
BCCIS is a brand new complex conveniently located on the Cairo-Suez Road, twenty minutes from Heliopolis.
Facilities at BCCIS are designed to enhance the British Columbia curriculum:
preschool and elementary playground
soccer, basketball, volleyball, and tennis courts
spacious grounds and garden area within a healthy, fresh air environment
swimming pool opening Spring 2007 
computer lab with high speed internet
meditation room
auditorium and performance space
multi-media presentation room 
Our library is well stocked with fiction and non-fiction titles. Our collection includes a wide variety of Canadian authors and illustrators so that BCCIS students are exposed to literature that relates to the British Columbia curriculum.
Expansion plans for the near future include a full gymnasium, grass soccer field, and additional high-school facilities.
At BCCIS our mission is to foster the holistic development of students. We develop a harmonious, updated, globally connected learning environment that inspires students to envision new possibilities and empowers them to achieve their aspirations. We create a partnership of motivated students, caring staff, and involved parents within a dynamic British Columbian educational system.
Our Vision: At BCCIS we: 
provide students with an exceptional and comprehensive environment in which to
achieve and make positive contributions to the global community.
encourage the pursuit of excellence in all endeavours and the
acceptance of responsibility for the enrichment of society. 
BCCIS believes all students should learn to:
be independent
confront and overcome problems
be decision makers
access, analyze, and apply information
use technology to facilitate learning
be active and responsible participants in learning
use everyday experiences to achieve their full potential 
be dynamic contributors to society 
BCCIS believes all students are entitled to:
the highest educational standards that foster intellectual and individual growth 
stimulating, joyful education that embodies internationally respected values and qualities  

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