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King's-Edgehill School

school profile:
National, US, IB curricula
560 students, 5-19 yrs

254 College Road, Windsor, Nova Scotia, BON 2TO, Canada
Tel: (+1) 902 798 2278 ;
Fax: (+1) 902 798 2105:

As partners in education, we at King's-Edgehill School share the responsibility of helping each student identify talents and achieve potential so that informed choices can be made, year by year, with university placement and tertiary education in mind, the ultimate objective of a School such as King's-Edgehill School.

To permit students to receive an education commensurate with their abilities, a strategy in line with the King's-Edgehill School's policy of providing not just 'private' but 'personal' education, K.E.S. divides its early grades, where two classes exist, into streams (i.e. academic and honours). This prevents those who work quickly from being thwarted, and precludes those who prefer a more moderate speed from being uncomfortably hastened. Dividing students into suitable streams at the Junior School level is completed by the Director who uses many factors of performance in the decision. They include but are not restricted to the King's-Edgehill School's entrance tests, examination results, report card marks and other objective bench marks such as national competitions.

In the Senior School (Grades 10-12) students can opt for Honours' Courses by subject domains, a system known as 'setting' rather than 'streaming'. That a student has not been in the Honours' Class in the Junior School does not prevent him or her from attempting the enriched classes later. Determination of Honours' classes rests very much upon student performance and teacher recommendation. Mobility, of course, is the essential factor so that if placement is proven to be misjudged, then the student can be moved to an appropriate class without loss of progress.

With the demands of the International Baccalaureate Programme, with which Honours' Courses are associated in the Senior School, students are advised to enter their advanced study groups (Honours' courses) in Grade 10. This will allow students the optimum amount of I. B. preparation time and the opportunity to participate in the co-curricular programme, so important in engendering an all-round record of achievement in the competition for university placement after King's-Edgehill School.


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