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Colegio Los Nogales

School Profile:
Colegio Los Nogales
850 students

A A 86827,
Bogotá, Colombia
Tel: (+57) 1 676 1128
Fax: (+57) 1 676 2131

Founded in 1982, Colegio Los Nogales, a bilingual Colombian private, Catholic, non-profit, coeducational, day school provides students, pre- kindergarten through twelfth, with the fundamental skills, values, and processes essential for lifelong learning. Currently there are 838 students enrolled in the school: 340 in secondary, 278 in elementary and 220 in primary. The school celebrated the graduation of its first senior class in June 1992; Los Nogales graduated its thirteenth class in June 2004. Students are mostly Colombians who come from families that value a rigorous bilingual education for their children. The elementary and middle school curriculum is taught in English and Spanish. English, math, science, and some social studies courses are taught in English, while other social studies and Spanish courses are taught in Spanish. The high school curriculum meets rigorous requirements: four years each of mathematics, English, Spanish, social studies, physical education, religion, art; three years of French; two semesters of physics, biology and chemistry. Electives are offered where students specialize in one or more areas, and choose from music (orchestra, marching band, and choir) drama, dance, and fine art (photography, sculpture, and oil painting). Most math and science classes are taught in English, while some social studies, Latin American and Spanish literature classes are taught in Spanish. All graduates attend institutions of higher learning, either in Colombia or abroad. All 99 faculty members hold university degrees in education and/or their field of specialty. The teaching staff is mainly Colombian. This year the school has twelve native English-speaking teachers, the majority of whom the school has recruited from North American universities. The average class size is 24. The faculty/student ratio is 1:9. Each junior and senior student participates in the school's community service program and must spend 50 hours per semester coordinating extra-curricular activities. Likewise, the school advises the overall administration of five low-income public schools in Bogot . Colegio Los Nogales has excellent sports facilities, which include basketball and volleyball courts, a hockey rink, and six playing fields. Students participate in both intramural and varsity athletics.



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