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The IB Diploma is recognized as an entrance qualification for admission to all the higher education institutions in Denmark, provided that the applicants have either passed Danish in their IB examination or passed a required language test in Danish.
The required language test is, the Studieprøve in Danish as second language for adult foreigners. The minimum passing grade is grade 6 (on the Danish grading scale) in all four disciplines. Please note that the required passing grade may be higher subject to the degree course chosen.

Applicants are strongly advised to contact each individual institution for further information.

Places are awarded mainly on basis of the obtained total points conversed into the Danish scale of marks.

Foreign and Danish applicants with/or expecting the IB-Diploma must submit an application to each individual institution before 15 March.

Students expecting to complete their entrance qualification later than 15 March can enclose a statement from their school confirming this. They are also requested to send in a B2 formular for results service through their local IB-coordinator. All institutions of higher education in Denmark have acces to the IB-results service.

Further information may be obtained from:

University of Copenhagen
Study Division
Fiolstraede 22
DK-1171 Copenhagen

or from each individual institution of higher education.

Conversion scale March 2000: IB total points equal to Danish grades: 24 - 7.2, 25 - 7.4, 26 - 7.5, 27 - 7.7, 28 - 7.9, 29 - 8.1
30 - 8.2, 31 - 8.4, 32 - 8.6, 33 - 8.7, 34 - 8.9, 35 - 9.1
36 - 9.2, 37 - 9.4, 38 - 9.6, 39 - 9.7, 40 - 9.9, 41 - 10.1
42 - 10.5, 43 - 11.0, 44 - 11.5, 45 - 12.0.

The conversion scale has not been revised.


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