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Albert Einstein School of Honduras

School Profile:
Founded 1990 200 students, aged 4 - 17 Curriculum: "Titulo" by Honduran Ministry of Education and A.E.S. Diploma which is accredited by any Honduran, American and Canadian College or University.
16 Teachers from different countries!

2 Calle, 11-12 Avenida, Los Andes, #88, San Pedro Sula, Honduras, 21102
2630 Marina Bay Dr. East, #207, Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33312

The mission of Albert Einstein School A.E.S. is to provide the multicultural student community a quality American education in an American-Honduran environment. This is based on values which we are committed to that develop critical thinkers capable of realizing their potential leadership by making great contributions to the Honduran society as well as the rest of the world. We have always been a leading institution in the national educational arena dedicated to the success of the students by providing a higher quality scientific and technological education which is required for the transformation of our society.

The vision of Albert Einstein School (A.E.S.) is to continue providing a higher American bilingual educational level forming and developing students with educational resources based on a solid scientific and technological formation contributing the development of Honduras in a globalized world and modern era.

Albert Einstein School (A.E.S.). Important Information and History.

The Albert Einstein School of San Pedro Sula in Honduras is a private bilingual school that provides a quality American educational system to students in kindergarten through eleventh grade which is the last year of high school. The Albert Einstein School was founded in 1990 in order to answer parent s demands to provide a quality bilingual education based on real values and beliefs. Our school is also is an open minded school which does not discriminate based on political, social, or religious beliefs. The Albert Einstein School is located in San Pedro Sula, the second largest and industrial city of Honduras. It always has tropical weather with 2 kinds of seasons (summer and winter). The school is also located in Los Andes neighborhood, one of the most fashionable and safe neighborhoods of San Pedro Sula. It has a police station just one block from school petitioned by the school itself, and a tourist police station just one block from school, something which is valuable for our foreign students.
In 1997, the Albert Einstein School started with its Middle School and opened the A.E.S. Library, and in 1999 the school opened its High School having its first graduation of the A.E.S. Senior high school students in 2002.
With the junior high school students of 2003, the school started with its famous name of A.E.S. In the same year, the school declared the Wolf as the official school mascot. Since then, the school has the famous saying Go A.E.S. Wolves !!!
The Albert Einstein School was also accredited by the Honduran Ministry of Education in the year 2003. It has also been a member of the Industrial Chamber of Commerce of Cortes since 1999, which has connections with many American Associations in Honduras, such as the American Embassy and others. The school is also a member of the Association of Bilingual Schools of San Pedro Sula.
The Albert Einstein School (A.E.S.) student body is around 200 students in the Preschool, Elementary, Middle and High School levels, and it s composed of 77% Hondurans, 20% Americans, and 3% from other countries.
The Senior high school students receive 2 official diplomas: the Titulo provided by the Honduran Ministry of Education and the Albert Einstein School (A.E.S.) Diploma which is accredited by any Honduran, American and Canadian College or University.
Additionally, our senior graduates are currently attending Honduran, American and British Colleges or Universities.
The Albert Einstein School is today a candidate for membership in the U.S. College Board Association.
The A.E.S. Faculty were and are from different countries like Guatemala, United States, South Africa, Greece and Honduras, which contributes to the cultural experiences of the students.
We currently have some projects for the future. For example, the completion of our A.E.S. GYM which is currently the Albert Einstein School (A.E.S.) stage area. This gym will have all the basic amenities associated with comparable facilities in the United States. In addition, it will have a complex area providing auditorium space.




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